Saturday, December 8, 2007

So I Don't LOOK Like I've Had A Hysterectomy Don't I?

People are strange.

Yesterday when I got to the assembly hall at my kids school, I was greeted by an acquaintance who says to me "oh A was going to ring to see how you were going but here you are! How are you?" I tell her I'm pretty good. She asks me did I have a D & C or something and I tell her no, that I'd had a hysterectomy. She gasped and told me I didn't look like I'd had a hysterectomy and asked if I was now popping little white pills.

I was a little gobsmacked. I dunno what pills she thinks I should be popping, but the only thing I'm taking these days is panadol occasionally.

And exactly what is a post hysterectomy woman supposed to look like anyhow??

Was I meant to grow horns? Was I meant to get a tattoo for my forehead announcing that I can no longer reproduce? Or was I meant to suddenly shrivel up like an old crone, start wearing old lady dresses and develop a cackle in my voice?

I'm stuffed if I know!

Perhaps it was just the fact that I was there at all. Another g/f did tell me that she thought I'd be in bed resting still and was quite surprised when I explained that I'm merely uncomfortable, but not in pain and am feeling quite well.

I never was very good at languishing around in bed. Hell. It's not like I did anything. I don't see what the difference is between sitting around at home or sitting in a hall. And I'd really like to know when taking things easy turned into not leaving the house?


Kelley said...

*snigger* I am thinking old lady undies and a tea cozy hat....

Honestly, people are strange. I would have said something like 'Wow you look like you have lost weight!' *snort*

So did you weigh yourself? What do reproductive organs weigh these days?


Precious_1 said...

oooo I hadn't thought to do that!! hang on a tick...............

*puts on elevator music while you wait*

ooo I've dropped 5 kgs! Probably more to do with not eating much for the past week and a bit.

Kelley said...

Whoot!!! So if I get my reproductive organs and my small bowel removed I should be at my ideal weight....

Now where did I put that scalpel....