Sunday, December 2, 2007

Making Stuff

Today I got someone else to pull out some of my craft supplies.

I can't find my camera right at the moment to take pictures of what I've been making today, but I have this pic of an earring and necklace set I made for one of CJ's friends last weekend.

I'm going to be making another set the same, but using blue beads for Lou for a graduation present (her Yr 7 graduation is in the next week or so).

Will post some more piccies of my creations tomorrow after I make my damn weaner kids find my camera!


lightening said...

They are beautiful!!! Sounds like a wonderfully productive way to while away the hours while you're recuperating. :-) Have fun!

Lisa - FIA said...

They are really nice!!!! I wish I had the time to start doing some things like that..

Maybe when i retired... Not!!


Anja said...

They are so incredibly pretty.