Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Frickin Scary Is This??

My hubby is, as we speak, down the street buying a new microwave.

Yes. I have allowed him out to forage for groceries and fetch a replacement appliance without supervision!

I'm scared as hell!

I'm seriously hoping he brings back something in the "doesn't-require-a-degree-in-rocket-science-to-use" type range.

Don't get me wrong. My hubby is not a complete imbecile. He just doesn't think the same way I do. He'll be fine with the groceries (for the most part), but the appliance? He probably will be thinking more about brand, size and how they look instead of brand, size and ease of use.

Take this morning, for instance............. he tried to ring his sister. Her mobile phone was disconnected. He tried her home phone. It too was disconnected. So then he decides that "something" must be very wrong.

Me, I just presume that their ongoing saga with Telstra has led to them not paying their bill and switching over services, something she would tell him when she next popped round for coffee.

Do you see what I mean by thinking differently?

So you can imagine my terror at the idea of him choosing my appliances for me then?


Kelley said...

Sheee-it woman are you insane!!!???? Men and appliances do not mix.

OMG. I am hoping he came home with something decent and not one of those ones with the computer in them, which is what my husband would buy. With the matching fridge!

Precious_1 said...

I know, I know. Had it not been for me being forced into showing him the personal instructions from the surgeon regarding my recovery so that he knew in black and white that I cannot be expected to be back to normal in a week I would have conned him into letting me go with him.

Lisa - FIA said...

Kelley, maybe he could take your DH with him to get the new coffee machine for you..