Saturday, December 1, 2007

And The Result Is In..........

Thought I should update my avid circle of readers on the results of hubby's forray into appliance purchasing earlier.

When I could no longer bear the wait, I rang him. And just in time too. He was looking at a $50 toaster. Who on earth pays $50 for a toaster when you can get one for $12 from Coles? Apparently my hubby.

**shakes head**

So having nipped that in the bud, I told him to find the damn microwaves and describe them to me. He started with a smallish 17L one at $99 and went up the row. We ended up settling on a 25L Sanyo stainless steel microwave for $149 (reduced from $160 thanks to hubby's eagle eye and a price tag mix up), a $12 toaster from Cole's and THANKFULLY when it arrived home the microwave was as user friendly as my old one. Mummy is quite pleased.

The kids immediately bustled into the kitchen to make toast and heat up a freezer meal for lunch! lol

I will never let him leave me at home again to go buy appliances. It was just far too stressful! I don't care if my guts are hanging out on the floor and I have to drag myself across the asphalt by my fingernails to follow him, I AM NOT BEING LEFT AT HOME AT APPLIANCE BUYING TIME AGAIN!

Thank God for mobile phones!!


Lisa - FIA said...

If mine died I would have to go and get a confection one again. The kids and I couldnt live without it...

Anja said...

LMFAO... guts are hanging all over the floor and you're dragging yourself all over the asphalt to follow him.

The verdict is in... men are asshats.