Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Water Fight

I ended up with four giggly preteen girls at my house today. They decided to have a water fight. hehehe. Hubby was in a playful mood. hehehe. His sister was here and up for some mischief too........

So they stole some water bombs, filled them up and hid behind the water tank to ambush the little girls................ well I think you can imagine the resulting screaming that happened.......... but did it stop there?


Having run out of water bombs they then went and found buckets to give the girls a proper soaking! Then the girls did something really really silly............ the got on the trampoline. We have a 3 metre round trampoline with a safety net on it. They were sitting ducks for what was to come................... 4 buckets and the hose! They screamed so loud they scared the dog!!

Good thing CJ has lots of cl0thes - those girls were SATURATED!! And the big kids? Barely a splash on them. LOL

(disclaimer - only undrinkable tank water was used in the arming of soldiers in this battle skirmish)


Frogdancer said...

Thanks for popping my my blog. The more the merrier!!

Your water fight sounds far more fun than the one I described today! Glad the kids enjoyed it, though kids think everything is good when there's trampolining involved...

lightening said...

I bet it's a memory they treasure forever. :-)

Precious_1 said...

lol yes kids love trampolines!!

I hope so Jodi.

I want our home to be the kind of place that our kids bring their friends to hang out at.