Sunday, November 25, 2007

Up Goes The Tree

No not in flames.

Just up.

As in erected.

In our living room.

Did I mention that I'm talking about the Christmas tree?

TJ loves the tree. This one is quite piddly compared to what we've had in years past, but it will do for this year. We'll get a nice sumptuous one after chrissy when Target discounts them all. lol

TJ has also put together a little 60cm tree that I picked up for $5 after last Christmas. It came complete with lights, tinsel and decorations. It will go on the dining table when we finish cleaning the kitchen/dining room.

If we ever finish cleaning the kitchen/dining room. Sigh.


Lisa - Fia said...

You made me giggle Betinna...

Good luck for the op! I will be thinking of you..

Precious_1 said...

no problem. I live to amuse! lol

Thanks Lisa!