Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's A Screwdriver Jammed Into My Door Frame

There is a screwdriver jammed into the door frame of my bedroom. Hubby has run the coax cable for the radio scanner through our bedroom window, then hooked it above our bedroom door to run out to the living room where he has the scanner on full blast. There was a gap in the door frame so he's stuck the screwdriver into it to hold the coax there. LOL He's such a handy man!

Sigh. I really don't give a crap what the cops are up to tonight! The scanner is useful when we have crews at a fire or other incident so that we can hear whats happening but I hate it when he adds the cop's channels into it. It NEVER SHUTS UP! Its worse than a 3 year old! And I'm not that bigga sticky beak that I need to know all the criminal activities of everyone in town.

I call it "the squawk box". Hubby is HIGHLY offended by that name for his precious toy! I know!! I'll make it a Squawk Box label for it to stick on it while he's away next week. Heehee. That'll get him going!

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Kelley said...

:) I am glad that mine is not into that stuff! But I have a man that will sit on the computer till the wee hours working out ways to hack.... so same thing really just a lot quieter!