Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not Happy Jan!

CJ was invited to a party on Saturday afternoon and so was her friend H.

H's parents are out of town this w/e so asked me if H could stay with us for the w/e so she could go to the party. This was organised over 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday CJ came home telling me about another invitation that she was meant to be getting today for a second party that is a sleepover party on Saturday. H isn't invited to the second party.

We've told her that she cannot break the existing plan so that she can go to both parties leaving H unable to go to the first one. We told her that it wouldn't be fair to H and that friends did not dump each other if they had a better offer on short notice leaving one in the lurch.

She is NOT happy.

I told her life isn't fair. lol ooooo I'm a mean mummy!

That was this morning.

This afternoon I got meaner.

She came home from school in a FOUL mood having received said second invitation and having spent the day being harassed by her other friends telling her to make H do something else.

This made me quite cranky. I told CJ after half an hour of grumbling, snapping and dirty looks in the supermarket that if her friends were that selfish, then they were not the kind of girls I wanted her hanging around with. After more grumbling and dirty looks I then told her that if she wanted to be cranky at me because HER FRIENDS were selfish and disorganised with not getting invitations out on decent notice, that I could and would cancel her acceptance to the first party and she could stay home for the weekend.

She was all sweetness and light after a mere 5 minutes.


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