Sunday, November 4, 2007

My hubby the bastard sneak!

I have yet again caught my darling hubby (sarcastic form) sneaking up on me.

It's a great game you see.

He stalks me. Silently. Stealthily.
Until he is standing somewhere close to me
He then waits for me to notice him at which time I usually scream and have heart palpitations!!

Or if I'm sitting on the bed reading or talking with my *net friends*, he will silently crawl in the door then around the foot of the bed until he can pop up dramatically behind me.

And this is a highly amusing sport to him.

To me? Not so much. Actually not at all. If I wanted to die from fright I would try skydiving or base jumping or swimming with sharks. I am sick to death of having the bejeezus scared out of me on a regular basis. A girl can only take so much fright in her life.

But does it end with a scream?


He then laughs at me and expects me to act affectionately towards him. Probably thinks he deserves a rewarding pat for his sneaky prowess.

Last thing I want to do after having him make me scream is kiss the daft man. Truth be told I want to throttle him. Repeatedly.


I should hide his teeth


Kin said...

Raah! That's hilarious. I know what you mean though.

scrappinshawnni said...

I have to say I do think it's funny, only because I don't get that at home from my DH. From my oldest DS yes.

But, I do agree with you that there comes a point where it becomes annoying.

Thanks for the great read :)

Nikki said...

May I suggest:

When he falls asleep, you put a pillow over his face and press down. As you do, whisper in his ear, "go to the light, go to the light."

I hear they do struggle but will stop due to lack of oxygen.

Precious_1 said...

I just may do that Nikki..... just as soon as Nec sends me the death certificate saying he strangled himself on his toothbrush!

Anja said...

Use black pen to fill in the date. ;)

lightening said...

ROFLOL. I am waaaayyyy too easily startled. My DH wouldn't dare do it deliberately (he does it accidentally several times a day anyway). :)

Keep your eye out for a parcel in the post!!!! Tis on its way....

Precious_1 said...

cool thanks Jodi.

Its because I startle easily that he does it! He just naturally moves quietly or I just am too wrapped up in my own little world or maybe its both - but he often startles me accidently.... just now he also has days where he considers it fair sport to do it deliberately for his own amusement!

Thanks Anja - I shall make sure to use the black pen lol

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