Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Letter From Lou

My Lou wrote us a letter!!

Without being asked to!!!

This is HUGE!!

She likes to get letters. She likes to get parcels. She likes to get emails. But she isn't very good at reciprocating in kind. I may get one email for every ten I send her for example.

It was quite interesting too. She needs her little sister's advice on making friends.

My girl's don't only look different. One has straight blonde hair, the other curly dark hair. They are as different as chalk and cheese in everything they think and do. Lou is a bit of a loner who would love to be everyone's friend, but has great difficulty in making or being a friend. CJ is a social queen. She has always been accepted by any and all, and just knows how to make other people feel at ease. Unfortunately what is natural instinct for CJ goes against natural instinct for Lou.

I hate seeing my girl so unsure of herself. We always knew that her teenage years would be difficult because of her lack of social skills and her inability to read people. She's just at the start of it though and its already as hard as I imagined. I can only pray it doesn't get worse.


Kelley said...

But she has you. That is the first step.

My girls are chalk and cheese too. Hair colour was the same though. Now Moo is dark dark brown and Too is purple....

Precious_1 said...

thanks. I sometimes need the reminder