Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And so it begins.............

CJ started thinking about her Christmas wish list today.

I have only myself to blame. Yesterday, I had been skiting to my g/f's how I was going to ask for a triple dose of Johnny and Orlando for Christmas. Then while we were driving past the video store on our way to get pizza, I commented to my kids that Pirates 3 was out on DVD this week. The kids of course went "COOL! We'll have to get that". I stupidly tells them that I'm going to ask Santa for it for Christmas cos I've been a good girl.

That got them thinking.

So today CJ's list stands at

* Pixel chick babysitter ("but I'll have to hide it from my friends")
* Mr Bean's Holiday DVD
* a Ping Pong Table
* a Pool for the backyard (and not a wading pool either!)
* a Basketball Hoop

And they still have over a month to add to their already rapidly expanding lists.


madwoman of matangi said...

So is this on Nthn or Sthn Hemisphere time B?

Precious_1 said...

our time. Which one are we again? lol

Kelley said...

Moo wants a new mobile phone, a new computer, a graphics tablet, clothes and money.....

Notice the freaking NEW in there! She has a better phone than me!

Too, got no idea.

Boo. He still wants a taxi, clapper board from the movies and a Streets Icecream fridge.

Think your list is better frankly!

Precious_1 said...

so do I Kelley! lol

A mate of ours got a shock on the w/e when his missus told him that all three of their kids (age 4, 9 & 10) want laptops for Christmas.

we are going to see if we can swing the pool though as a family santa pressie

Kin said...

Gah. Try living in the middle of NOWHERE with two little girls desperate for Tutu's and "proper ballet shoes". I'm stumped.

Oh, and a "soft Dora doll". Do you think Big W has one? Noooooo!

Precious_1 said...

blimey! can you make the tutu's? And ballet shoes are really glorified jiffies. Have you tried ebay?