Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Sleepover!

God have mercy on my soul......... I have 5 giggling gooses of girls gallivanting around my backyard in boxers and singlets with purple and pink glow stick glasses on their faces!

They have stuffed themselves on chips, lollies, sponge cake with jam & cream filling, pikelets, more lollies, hotdogs and hot chips. TJ long ago hit overload as was convinced to go to bed before he had a meltdown. Hubby has been intermittently turning the back lights off and scaring the beejezus out of the girls for his own amusement.

I decided that while I couldn't exactly do much being stuck in bed that I would make each one a pair of earrings as a take home treat. Of course two of them had to pick out their own designs which has taken the better part of an hour lol These are some of the earrings I made for the girls.

Oh and I heard the most interesting version of "These Boots are made For Walking" the girls were singing it as "these boobs were made for bouncin' and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boobs are going to bounce all over you" It was pretty much at that point that I decided that perhaps being stuck in bed for the duration of the party wasn't such a bad thing after all!

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