Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Predator

You know that sound that the alien out of Predator makes? The clicking sound? I know how they make that sound. I know this cos my hubby can make that sound with his teeth. Apparently making up things to do with your new teeth is what truckies do when on the road so that when they return home they can drive their families nuts. And I don't mean a little nuts, I mean stark raving loony want to smash his teeth with a hammer nuts!! I sincerely wish that he would go back to picking at his toenails.

I guess my message today, dear friends, is that teeth are for chewing not making sound effects with. You just never know. One day that advice could save your false teeth from a hammer.


Erin! said...

OOhh sounds awful, I would probably send DBF to sleep outside if he did that sort of thing whilst asleep. If he was awake and doing it on purpose he would lose his teeth (and other priveleges as well). But then, I am nasty.

Precious_1 said...

oh it is awful and its an awake thing that he does. I've gotten to the stage where I'm holding out my hand and telling him to spit them out. He's only had his teeth since May and this is just driving me insane!!! I love that he's not embarressed to smile anymore, but some days........

I think I'm just going to start smacking him in the jaw everytime he does it now. (smiles and evil little smile)