Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pantry Terrorist!

TJ the pantry terrorist in on the rampage!!

The past few days he has eaten

* breakfast - full bowl of cereal
* 2nd breakfast - another full bowl of cereal
* Lunch - a sandwich
* 2nd lunch - another sandwich
* afternoon tea - hoards of bickies and fruit
* late afternoon tea - an apple if he can con one out of me
* dinner - whatever we are having plus seconds
* desert - iceblock or icecream
* supper - bowl of baked beans

He's either having a growth spurt or is actually a hobbit child in disguise!

My fear is this - if he eats like this during a growth spurt at age 8 how on earth will I every manage to keep enough food in the house when he's in his teens???

Perhaps I should change his name to Tomwise Gamgee!


lightening said...

I find it funny reading your comments about "TJ" as that's what one of our children is called. Guess what - he eats me out of house and home too! And he's 3. His most used line is "I'm still hungry". LOL. I'm sure all he does all day is eat. Which I don't mind too much - other than I run out of ideas for what he can eat and that sends me batty!!!!

Precious_1 said...

oh stuff the idea's! lol They usually have their own ideas and as long as he intersperses everything with fruit and vegetables then I don't worry about it too much. We also call him tom thumb.

Erin! said...

LOL mine self feed during the day, they have free reign to the apples, mandarins, corn crackers and mightymite. Oh and the cheese for DS (as long as he comes and asks me first). He can now make a pretty nice cup of tea without too much supervision as well, so he now comes and asks can he make me a tea or coffee (in hope that he can have one too lol).

Only problem, he made me what looked like a lovely coffee the other day when i had just woken up and had a dreadful headache due to disrupted sleep (idiot woman that beeps her horn as she is too lazy to get out of the car). DS handed me the coffee, i took a huge gulp and choked. Spit it out and it went all over my shirt, rant to sink to spit and choke. When i could finally breathe *with DS standing there horrified saying oh was it too strong, i am sorry mum* I grabbed the sugar container and the salt container and showed them to him, with the labels that say SUGAR and COOKING SALT. Suggested he taste my coffee.

As you have guessed by now he made it with salt, all five tablespoons of salt in a 500ml cup of coffee.

He found it rather funny (bent over double and howled with laughter) when i said later that killing his mother using her biggest vulnerability (need for coffee) was not funny.

Precious_1 said...

LOL Erin!! Yes it is important to distinguish between sugar and salt.