Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Menu Plan Monday on Wednesday

Yeah yeah, I know its not Monday and this should've been posted days ago! Bite me!

Monday - Spag Bol

Tuesday - Snags and homemade chips

Wednesday - Roast Chook and vege

Thursday - Snags and something or other

Friday - Rissoles and Vege

Saturday - Party food

Sunday - More Rissoles and vege

Dunno what I did to myself the other day, but I'm back in bed again. Sigh. AND to add insult to injury my shirt slipped up giving me too much heat from the hot water bottle so now I have blisters as well.

Last night about midnight, I was hoping to be able to get myself a glass of freakin' water and ended up stuck in the kitchen, not able to get back to bed, so had to call out to CJ to come help me. Poor girl must've been keeping an ear out for me cos she was there in two seconds, helped me back to bed, reheated my hot pack, got me a glass of cold water, tucked me in and went back to bed. She had bags the size of tasmania under her eyes this morning, so stayed home from school and bummed around with me watching dvd's all day. This child is a legend! She absolutely rocks!

S0 this weeks menu is all stuff that the kids can cook themselves if need be. I just hope I'm back on my feet by sat for CJ's party, but if I'm not, we have a plan B to have it next w/e instead and she's not upset at the idea at all. God luv her!

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