Monday, October 8, 2007

Little A's Disaster

One of the parents from our Little A's club was working at our shed over the weekend putting in tracks for a new roller door when a welding spark hit a high jump mat and ignited. The building and all the athletics gear are pretty much a right off and the club has NO money to replace the lost equipment.

Somehow I don't think that we'll be right to start the season next Thursday let alone host the Zone Championship Carnival the first weekend in December without some kind of mad scramble for funds and equipment over the next few weeks.

What a bit of rotten luck!!


Kin said...

Eeek, no insurance?

Get in touch with your local Rotary, Lions, Quota, Zonta etc. This is what they're there for!

Good luck getting back on track!

Erin! said...

Was the parent a tradesperson? Because if so, they should have insurance to cover their own liability (and if they dont they can lose their trade licence under certain circumstances).

Not a great start to the season for sure. Maybe the NSW Little A's can help the club out by giving them the basic gear and letting them pay it off.

Or maybe the parent responsible (because there is no way the highjump mat should have been anywhere near the welding range, even I know that and I only did welding for 3 weeks in highschool), should be working their ass off to fundraise to purchase the new equipment.

Hugs Hun, you can come to our club for a while, is only a few hours drive away i think. We are just getting all national standard cages and stuff cause we won the contract/tender/whatever its called to host a big national event next year.

We held the zone carnival year before last, i think our zone is all the way down in coffs this season (which is a bugger cause i dont know if i can afford to take the kids to it as we have to go to coffs in 2 weeks time, then sydney the following week and then possibly sydney again a few weeks after, all for physi).

Bettina said...

lol Erin, I think you are about 10 hours drive from me. apparently insurance will cover most of the equipment but we still have to find $500 for the excess and the building was council owned so insured through them. the parent isn't a tradie and I'm not sure what happened, but he's a really conscientious guy so something must have really gone wrong. The mats are on the other side of the shed to where he was working.

Apparently we are going to beg/borrow/steal from the schools so we can start next week like planned.

Precious_1 said...

ooops was signed into the wrong account lol