Monday, October 22, 2007

Gosh Oprah has some Stooooooooopid Guests!

I think I over did things. I'm sore from my neck to my knees. Doesn't feel like I've thrown anything out, just sore muscles. Really REALLY sore.

So as a result I'm lounging around in bed today watching telly. Jenny McCarthy is on Oprah. She says that kids with autism can recover. Huh? thinks I. Recover she says. Just like someone in a bus crash recovers. She then goes on to explain that autism is a result of vaccination shots. Way to go Oprah! Way to convince millions of viewers that the parents of autistic children haven't bothered to rescue then and "bring them out" AND that vaccinations cause autism. I suppose the 'peace from the divine' during her son's cardiac arrest should have set off some warning bells. I don't know an awful lot about autism, but even I could see that this woman is a complete nutter.

She was talking about giving "hope" to parents of autistic children. All I saw was her giving the majority of them a slap in the face and opening the door for more crackpot theories


Kelley said...


I love ya babe!


Precious_1 said...

That interview really sucked! Jenny blows! nd so does Oprah for allowing that brain vomit on her show!

Got to feel sorry for people like that. Yes, when you have a child with problems relating to the world you do what you can. But to call a disorder a disease and pretend it can be cured is to deny reality and what is at the true core of your child. She will never know her son for who he actually is as she will always be denying the disorder and fighting the "disease" instead of truly seeing him and helping him from there.