Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dressing Gowns

I have got to get hubby his own dressing gown. When its a bit chilly and he wants to go outside for a ciggy he steals my pretty pale blue with stars all over it dressing gown. I wouldn't mind him wearing it except for the ciggy smell and farting in it. Still its nice that he's confident enough in his masculinity to just pinch it and wear it at will. I'd be a tad worried if it was any other item of clothing though! lol


Erin! said...

Hehehe, mine steals my ugghboots (which are only 4 sizes too small for his gigantic hoofs) and has been caught wearing my fluffy purple slippers (think 1 - 2 inches of fluffiness) that have shimmery love hearts and an extra row of silver fuzz (sort of like a feather boa) across the front arch.

Thankfully he does not smoke.

He also kept stealing my trackie pants, so he has inherited the lot of them and i bought myself leggings instead.

He hasnt stolen my dressing gown yet, heaven help him if he does. Mwuhahahaha.

Precious_1 said...

oh yes my slippers. Mine is only about size bigger than me in footwear (and i'm only a ladies size 7 1/2 so he just has small feet) and will steal my fluffy (easy inch of fluffiness) blue and white fur slippers too. He stears clear of the pink ones, but insists that its because they aren't as soft not because they are pink! LMAO

Kelley said...

:) My DH used to wear my pink fluffy one. One night the neighbour was playing Eye of the Tiger for the millionth time and DH had enough. It was 3 in the morning. So he chucked on my dressing gown and went next door to tell him off. Ended up staying for a beer!

Precious_1 said...

well you must know that you owe your neighbour a beer if he's had that much of your music that he's prepared to tell you off in his wifes pink fluffy dressing gown lol

lightening said...

It's the opposite here - I steal hubbies stuff. Couldn't imagine him being prepared to wear my pink dressing gown - I think he'd rather freeze (or put clothes on).