Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Busy Week

Well its a busy week this week.

It all started Monday night with the first official training night of our new brigade. Has me absolutely perplexed why some people jumped up and down wanting the night changed so they could be there....... it was the same usual suspects in attendance as always. lol

Had some errands to do yesterday and then today have spent the day at the station cleaning and clearing out the stuff from the old brigade. Then another meeting tonight to organise crew for the next few days.

The local Aero club is hosting a fly in this weekend. They are expecting 300 or so planes and 2000 or so people. We are providing fire protection for the event so need a crew on standby at all times as well as needing an extra person or two manning our station as it is the command centre in case of emergency during the event as well as providing the pilots with a place to shower etc during the weekend. So its all hands on deck till Monday when they all go home again. Hopefully some of us will get a flight for our efforts! lol

I was given a mission today. The mission, and I did choose to accept it, was to locate and acquire an adequate supply of toilet paper without actually paying for any! lol I did quite well. I raided the Fire Control Office and came back with 4 commercial size rolls of toilet paper, plus as an added bonus a bag full of RFS wristbands and yo-yo's. I wasn't quite sure how the yo-yo's would be used for wiping our butts, but told the FCO that we'd figure out something! Perhaps we can trade them......... go into the school and tell kids that we'll give them a yo-yo for every roll of dunny paper they steal from home and bring in to us! lmao

I'm quite enjoying myself right now. This is a part of the job that I really really enjoy and after having a break for a few months I'm finding myself quite eager to get back in the swing of things and quite thankful that I can.


lightening said...

Hey Precious! Sounds like you're a very resourceful person. :-)

I've tagged you for a meme. Details are on my blog. :-)

lightening said...

Oh and don't forget to send me your details so I can send your prize for my quiz! :-)