Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Body Declutter

Last year I got a bit of a shock when after having a pap smear I was called back in for an appointment. I was told that I had an abnormal result. I was told it was a CIN 3. I had surgery within 4 weeks to remove it.

I recovered from that quite well, but started having hormonal problems 6 months later. My cycle got so out of whack that I ended up anaemic and slept this winter away. My husband told me that I'd "gone whacko" and the kids used to hide from me during the worst of the mood swings. When my GP started me on hormones I also had acne the likes of which I had not ever had even during the peak of my adolescent zit production!

So, three months, may tests and quite a few iron tablets later, my gynecologist tells me I have a pseudo poly cystic ovary disorder which means in a nutshell that I'm not ovulating properly and its throwing everything out of whack, including my weight.

Basically I have two options a) a hormone implant that he doesn't feel confident of being able to place because of the awkward position of my uterus and scaring from the operation last year that I would need a general anaesthetic for anyway or b) a hysterectomy which will stop the hormones, control the anaemia, help me lose weight and take my risk of further cancers from "very high" to "practically zero".

Let me see......... I choose.......... tick tock tick tock......... b! So I have 6 weeks to say goodbye to my uterus. I'm thinking of throwing it a farewell party the weekend before my op.......... do you reckon that will count as decluttering body clutter? lol!


Erin! said...

Ok well I would be querying your doctor because a hystorectomy, is the removal of your uterus. A total or complete hystorectomy is the removal of uterus and cervix. Neither of these stops the hormones, how do I know? Well it has been 7 years since my total hysteroctomy, however i still have the overproducing ovaries that cause me to have massive scary moodswings (DBF and DS just go and buy me chocolate now, they dont even ask me if I want some lol) I have had the horrendous acne production still going (never had any until i had babies grrr and then it has never stopped, it is so bad having little kids ask my kids why they have a spotty mum!), and yeah losing weight is difficult too.

So, if he did say that it will stop the hormones, that means they are also doing an ovarectomy at the same time as the Hysto, and that will put you into total and complete menopause, so then you will have no/very little hormone production and will have to either take HRT (not good) or deal with it naturopathically (hard but better option than HRT in many opinions).

Hugs. It took me quite a while to recover (mind you i had toxic shock from leftovers they "missed" taking out), but make sure you have someone to do your driving, hang clothes out, or do anything that involves lifting over 5kg in weight for a minimum of 6 weeks, or you can haemmorage badly. Put a heap of stuff aside ready for those six weeks, to keep you occupied, easy things like craftwork, and some snacks and books, because there will be a reasonable amount of time you will want to be in bed, its a really big operation and takes a lot more out of you than you realise.

I am not trying to put you off here, I think its the better option as well, and it is much easier not having to worry about cervical or uterine cancers, or bleeding and cramping each month (or in my case whenever it decided to turn up), but definitely query the hormone thing, because that is ovarectomy not hystorectomy. Maybe your doctor is just going to do it all at one and didn't think to explain it as being seperate ops (still classified as seperate ops even if done at the same time by the same surgeon).

Oh and i definitely agree with the farewell party, because it takes a bit of time to get used to not having it, not feeling totally female, even if you dont want kids anymore, its still very final that now you CANT have kids. So if throwing it a party the weekend before helps you mentally prep for the ops, then have several drinks on my behalf OK!


Precious_1 said...

lol - Yeah I was wondering about that. He's leaving the ovaries, but expects that side should settle. If not I can live with living on chocolate Truly I can.
I'm choosing to be optomistic. But for all the other reasons it really does seem like the best option at this stage of the game.

Having the op at the end of next month means that it will only be a few weeks and the kids will be on holidays so can cart and fetch for me when DH is on the road. And my mum will give me a hand if need be and if not I'll fake a fire call and turn out my brigade. I'm sure they won't mind hanging out my washing lmao!

The only time I have ever had acne was when on the hormones they tried to regulate my system with. It was horrible. On top of being tired, crampy, sore and crabby I also got to look like crap which made me feel SOOOOOOOO much better! NOT!

They've told me no firefighting for 3 months after the op but thats fine. I'll just boss everyone around once I'm getting out and about again instead.

I expected it to take a couple of months to recover from. I'll just be glad to not have the cancer in the back of my mind quite honestly. And after the problems of the past 18 months its nice to have an end in sight to some of them.

How long after before you could go swimming or soak in a tub?

Erin! said...

Oooh hormone control, grrr, tried so many different pills to try and control my endo, none of them worked. The Depo Provera caused me more problems than it fixed. And then the mini pill combined with an AD to try and combat the super pms, well that was a dreadful experiment.

I also tried a homeopathic one, which I didnt end up giving a chance to work as i started taking it the week before exams and it literally knocked me out for 12 hours the first time i took it and 14 hours the next time, with severe lethargy inbetween, which is no good when you are cramming for three major exams. So I will be going back to retry it at the beginning of december (my exams are mid november), when i know i have around 11 weeks to really test it without it interfering with studying, and apparently the severe sleep reaction only happens for the first week of use until it levels your system out.

Hmm swimming no idea cause i had no inclination to swim lol. But soak in tub as soon as you are right to walk.

Dont do what i did and haemmorage several hours after the op, lose a heap of blood and then next morning try walking unassisted to the toilet. I made it to the toilet lol, sat down adn then slid sideways down the wall to the floor. Thankfully the call button was on my way down the wall (I could also have reached it from the floor) and there wasnt much of a wait til the nurse came to rescue me.

But yeah, a soak in a bath of salty water is fantastic for healing and disinfecting etc, same as after having a baby really.

Hmm other things to get before hand are maternity pads, some of those "ice dildo's" as Kelley calls them lol and a douche kit (chemist bought). The douche kit is because your periods have a natural function of washing out your vaginal canal. Without having periods (and especially if sexually active) you dont have this washing function, so are more prone to recurrent Thrush infections.

Sorry if that is Wayyy Too Much Information, but I had to learn all this the hard way, I didnt know anyone who had had a hysto before menapause and the ob/gynae being male (all three in this area are males??) obviously he hadnt had personal experience and noone had mentioned it to him either.

Oh and lolol at the idea of firebrigade crew hanging out the washing for you. Can imagine the pager :: Alert - Washing Ready to Hang - Precious's House - ETA ASAP.


Kelley said...

Hugs gorgeous.

I have PCOS and have been told the only 'cure' is menopause or a sex change. But guys don't have the range of fabulous shoes that girls do..... Was offered a hysterectomy too, but decided against it. For other reasons, not medical.

Haven't heard of pseudo PCOD. But I'm with Erin, I would be asking the doc more questions.

Precious_1 said...

got an appointment and have been talking to everyone I know. thanks girls.