Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Truly, Madly, Desperately!

And the disaster continues to loom ever larger and ever closer. (Warning long and whiney)

Hubby ran into his youngest sister K today and gave her a piece of his mind. Apparently it wasn't terribly tasty as she was nearly in tears after.

I suppose some background is needed at this point. 3 years ago I was asked by my mum in law to fix her pc that her partner had stuffed while satisfying his porn fixation. Aforementioned partner didn't want me to fix the pc and abused me in front of my kids over the matter. We have not been back to visit since - I don't need that and the kids don't need to see it. We organised to meet mum in law on neutral ground when her partner wasn't around until she lost interest in the kids completely.

Fast forward to 5 months ago. Mum in laws partner "accidentally" sends porn to us while pretending to by hubby's mum while talking to us on messenger. I'm not sure how you can accidentally do that.... twice! I deleted them off messenger thinking that he is definitely not a safe person to have on there especially if my kids are on the pc. Hubby's mum says I'm "over reacting" and its "none of her business anyway". I'm really not sure how porn appearing on our pc isn't any of my business, but anyhow.
A few weeks later hubby's mum shows up as his sister A's place in tears cos her partner is having an online affair with some chickie from the Philippines and expects her to support him in getting a visa to bring this chick over here and when she refused he had the locks changed on the house. We support her when she says she wants out, organise a house, organise movers, the lot. Moving day comes and she refuses to go and accuses us all of making a big deal out of nothing.

Fast forward to 3 months ago. We moved house. Hubby decides not to tell his mum where we are now living as she has not bothered to call or visit or even send birthday cards to the kids in oh around 2 years or so. The only time we hear from her is when her partner is playing up or when she wants something.

Fast forward again to 3 weeks ago. Hubby gets a phone call from his mum wanting us to put his youngest sis K up indefinitely "cos she got a job" and his mum doesn't want to drive K over here everyday. Hubby is upset, I'm ropeable, CJ decides that Nan T is just a user "cos she only sees or calls us when she wants favours" TJ is rather oblivious to the whole matter, but he's an 8 year old boy who's life revolves around cars and fire trucks so what would he care?

So today hubby told K that if she had wanted somewhere to stay that it would have been OK in the short term had she rung herself and that more than half a day's notice would be appreciated. God only knows what story she went home and told her mum cos she's now texting hubby asking him if there is a problem and telling him not to take it out in his sister **rolls eyes** She then rang his sister A and told her that they weren't coming to her wedding if we didn't stop "our crap".

I am so glad that they live 45 minutes away!! lol

In brighter news (I'm taking a leaf out of Kelley's positive spin book) the kids helped me cook a bbq for tea tonight. We got thick sausages from the butcher, cut up carrots, zucchinis and tiny taters (tinned new potatoes) and chucked it all on the bbq. Oh and also some sliced pineapple. Yum Yum. CJ made a green salad. I asked her to cut up some cheese and she used the potatoe peeler instead of a knife, then I asked her to cut some celery sticks and she got a little mixed up. Cut up the shallots into sticks instead (yes she's blonde) but it all worked OK in the end.

TJ gave me the biggest giggle of the day. After he had finished all his tiny taters and was eyeing off mine he says to me "I desperately like them." Cracked me up that he even knew the word desperate let alone used it in that context!

I was quite pleased that after tea I was able to get them to make their lunches for tomorrow and help me clean up the kitchen without any grumbling! My dishwasher was packed and running by 7:30. Thats never ever happened before in our house!!

Hmmmm and for a positive spin on the inlaw situation.............. they still don't know where I live!!! LMAO!!

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