Friday, September 28, 2007

Storage Containers and the Seagull Queen

Hubby was at Moore Park today. Came home with a plastic storage container that the furniture place are apparently selling now. I have promptly filled it will stuff! lol (the craft stuff that the kids found for me the other day) He didn't quite know what to make of that. I dunno why. If you give a woman a container she naturally finds "stuff" to put in it. And they say we aren't logical!!

My sis in law rang tonight to say that they would be home tomorrow. She was telling me that her hubby challenged her to a fishing contest (cause what else would you do on your honeymoon) and she caught 8 fish to his 5. She said that they had found it strange that not many seagulls were around where they were. As she was releasing one of the fish, it was being still in the water for a moment before attempting to swim off and in swooped a dirty great seagull and snapped it up! The overseas tourists were apparently horrified, so here she is standing on a jetty near a beach in cairns trying to convince a bunch of tourists that the fish was really ok and the seagull was just playing with it. lmao! I told her that she nearly blew her cover as the evil seagull queen!

She was then telling me that her hubby doesn't want to see the video we made of their wedding cos he was a little emotional and teary in it. He wants us to destroy it. I told her to tell him that I've already mentioned his "episode" in my blog for all to see and that I'm putting the video on youtube! mwahahahaha Apparently she's been giving him crap about it all week!

I SO need to get out of this bed and burn some energy before I go completely around the bend and give in to the dark side!!

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