Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Another Monday!

I am SOOOOOOO ready for school holidays!! I need a break from routine. Oh well, only this week to go.

The kids helped me take inventory of our freezer tonight then we all sat down together and planned this weeks menu. I plan Tuesday to Tuesday (as that's shopping day)

Tuesday - chicken nuggets, chips + celery/carrot sticks
Wednesday - Shepard's Pie
Thursday - Rissoles & baked veges (potatoe, sweet potatoe, carrot) + greens
Friday - Bacon and Eggs night
Saturday - entertaining - having BBQ with salads, potatoe bake and zucchini slice
Sunday - Fish and Chips
Monday - Roast chicken & baked veges + greens

After taking inventory I realised that I don't need to buy meat this week or frozen veges so my shop tomorrow will be pretty basic. Will do shopping list in morning.

Today was hubby's birthday - he told me that he's starting to feel old now that he's hit 34! I just laughed at him. He was heading to Melbourne this afternoon so we are having his birthday tomorrow (if he's home before the kids bedtime) or Wednesday (if he's not)


Kelley said...

We are already on holidays here. Kids haven't been tooooo bad, but then again I have been at work and DH has been home Mwaaaa ha haaa!!!
Great going that you don't have to do a big shop :)
Happy birthday to your DH!

lightening said...

Oh dear - I'm 33! Please don't tell me that 34 is OLD! LOL.

Precious_1 said...

Its been long term this one - 11 weeks! I'm sure I'll be quite happy for them to go back to school once we start, but a few days of not having to be anywhere would be great.

34 isn't old - I'm 34 (6 months older than hubby), he just says that to stir me. lol