Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Menu my menu

Why oh why am I so resistant to menu planning? I know its a good idea, I know it will save me money. So why do I dislike the idea so much?

I was thinking about this while I was making lunch today. I think it is because food always seemed so regimented when I was growing up. Monday and Tuesday was sausages, chops, peas, carrots and mashed potatoes. Wednesday was usually roast or baked lamb with the occasional Silver side thrown in. Thursday and Saturday was a repeat of Monday and Tuesday. Friday was either take away (if Dad was feeling generous) or home cooked chips and fish fingers. Sunday was quite often get your own noodles/bacon and eggs or leftovers. Chips and chocolate were a once a week on Friday night treat. (which I'm now thinking wasn't such a bad idea).

It seems to almost be a shackling of myself to sit down a plan a menu. God knows I don't like to feel restricted. Its not exactly creative, spontaneous or fun to have everything planned out is it? And what if I don't "feel like" whats on the plan for tonight? Or what if I'm having a bad pain day and not really up to cooking much?

On the other hand I get sick of having to figure out whats for tea each night. I get frustrated with the weekly budget blow out and the amount of food that gets wasted each week in our house. I've seen other flybabies put up menus a month ahead and I don't think I'm up to that, but a week perhaps even a fortnight I can manage I reckon.

Interestingly enough my daughter CJ came in to the study this afternoon and asked me what was for tea. When I told her that I hadn't thought that far yet she said "oh. So you don't have a plan like you did yesterday?". She seemed disappointed.

I think a flylady essay for handicappable flybabies that I read the other day has the answer. I can make a menu plan and if its not fitting with the day then I simply need a simple alternative. If I make a menu plan and include 3 extra meals that either the kids or I can make with minimum fuss for "just in case" then we should be covered.

So this is the rest of our week. Until hubby brings home his runs for next week I can't plan much further than that.

Thursday 20/9 - Sausages, Chips, salad
Friday 21/9 - Rissoles, potatoes, peas, corn, cauliflower
Saturday 22/9 - Steak, potatoe bake, mixed frozen veges
Sunday 23/9 - BBQ at friends place - may need to take meat
Simple alternative in case needed - bacon and eggs

I guess I'd better go write it up on the whiteboard in the kitchen so that everyone in this house knows that there is now a plan!


Kin said...

You go girl!

I have a menu plan, but we hardly ever stick to it. Which is why you'll find the same meal on my menu sometimes 3 weeks in a row before we get around to actually having it.

I have a couple of "cupboard meals" like tuna pasta bake that can be done whenever, so they're always available. And I swap and change the days. DH doesn't like being told what to cook, so if he's cooking I'll give him a choice of tonight's or tomorrow night's meals.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Precious_1 said...

I'm kinda figuring that as long as we eat the meals on the plan sometime through the week then it doesn't quite matter if they are on the planned night or not lol

Thanks for the encouragment!

Kin said...

That's the idea!

Of course if your kids can read, and they're anything like my kids they'll get upset if what you tell them is for dinner isn't for dinner *sigh*

lightening said...

I feel your pain - I HATE menu planning too. It's the only reason I plan a month in advance - so I don't have to do it very often. LOL. Of course, it changes quite a bit throughout the month but gives me somewhere to start.

Well done on what you've done so far. I think it's a matter of finding something that works for you. Like your own personal chef perhaps? :-) That's what I would like.

Precious_1 said...

Ooooo Lightening I would love my own personal chef!! lol I am in awe of your monthly plan.

I printed out some menu planning sheets and am thinking if I can come up with four basic weekly menus that I can just swap the days around depending on hubby's movements that it would take so much pressure off. Will see how I go

thanks Kin, and yes my kids can read so we'll have to see how that one goes. fingers crossed that they don't get too hung up on the plan if we need to make a switch.