Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hubby and his Pillow

Hubby keeps peeking at me around the door, pulling faces at me and poking his teeth out at me.

In return I am wiping my fingers on his pillow after eating chips, wiping my mouth with it also and using it to mop up hubby's spit after he slobbered on my arm and ran away just cause he could.

He didn't like that. Wonder what else I can do to his pillow.

**insert evil laugh here**


Kelley said...

what a lovely touching moment you shared *gaffaw*
But I am a little creeped out at the 'poking his teeth out at me'
You mean he is taking his teeth out???? what is going on here girl, is this some weird kinky thing you guys do?

Precious_1 said...

EArlier this year he had to have all this teeth pulled (well the ones he had left) and around April he got his falsies. They are apparently a truck driver's best friend providing hours of endless amusement as he moves them about his mouth and makes noises with them. He, of course, has to share these little "habits" with his family and keeps hoping that poking his teeth out at me will produce a reaction like the one he gets from his DD (a scream and running away). So far the best reaction I've been able to summon is a deadpan stare.