Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Blog

I am quite new to the idea of blogging. In fact I'm not even sure that I will be the kind of person who can post their thoughts on the events of their life or on random thought explosions with any kind of regularity, but here it goes.

Was quite pleased this evening to be able to have hubbies sister A and her son E over for a BBQ tea. Its nice to have the house "company ready" or only 15 minutes from being so. It was also nice to be able to throw together nibblies and desert from things in the pantry for unplanned guests too. Am looking forward to doing a lot more hosting in this house.

The past few months in this house we have done more hosting than we had in the past few years in our old house. I'm thinking that we were seriously ripping ourselves on in the social lives department and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy putting on a nice meal and sharing some hospitality. Now that we are starting to have visitors/guest regularly I'm starting to make mental lists of things that would be nice to have for when they are here like more cutlery or different placemats or cushions for the lounge lol

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