Monday, September 17, 2007

Disaster in the making?

Following on from detoxifying yesterday........... why can I not detoxify our families? Honestly, I am beginning to think that hubby and I are the only sane ones (well ok, maybe his sister too but thats all)

Hubby's sister A is getting married on Sunday. Hubby is walking her down the aisle since her father (hubby's step dad) said that he wouldn't do it. Now of course they keep ringing her and asking whats happening as if she will all of a sudden change all the arrangements that she made. He now wants to do it and for some reason doesn't even think that we'all should be at the wedding let alone involved in it! Then tonight we were talking to hubby's Nan C who a couple of weeks ago was so excited about the wedding only to find out that they are moving this weekend and had forgotten all about the wedding. It was bad enough that they showed up to my wedding late and in their yard clothes. I am so glad that they are not my parents and that this isn't my wedding!

Of course the only reason that they aren't ringing here bitching is that hubby did partially declutter them......... when we moved he refused to tell them where we moved to and changed our phone number as well lol.

The things we have to do to get some peace!!


Kelley said...

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to bloggityville! I warn you it is addictive :)

:( for the family issues. Everyone has feral family members that they don't speak to.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, you made me smile!

Precious_1 said...

Thanks Kelley! I'm not sure that feral even begins to cover some of my family members lol

I'm glad I made you smile with my comment. I love reading your blog, you have a way with words m'dear!