Monday, December 10, 2007

I have moved my blog!!

I do apologise for any inconvienience groovers, but I have moved over to wordpress

Come have a sticky beak and bear with me while I get things set up over there.

Christmas Wishes

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So I Don't LOOK Like I've Had A Hysterectomy Don't I?

People are strange.

Yesterday when I got to the assembly hall at my kids school, I was greeted by an acquaintance who says to me "oh A was going to ring to see how you were going but here you are! How are you?" I tell her I'm pretty good. She asks me did I have a D & C or something and I tell her no, that I'd had a hysterectomy. She gasped and told me I didn't look like I'd had a hysterectomy and asked if I was now popping little white pills.

I was a little gobsmacked. I dunno what pills she thinks I should be popping, but the only thing I'm taking these days is panadol occasionally.

And exactly what is a post hysterectomy woman supposed to look like anyhow??

Was I meant to grow horns? Was I meant to get a tattoo for my forehead announcing that I can no longer reproduce? Or was I meant to suddenly shrivel up like an old crone, start wearing old lady dresses and develop a cackle in my voice?

I'm stuffed if I know!

Perhaps it was just the fact that I was there at all. Another g/f did tell me that she thought I'd be in bed resting still and was quite surprised when I explained that I'm merely uncomfortable, but not in pain and am feeling quite well.

I never was very good at languishing around in bed. Hell. It's not like I did anything. I don't see what the difference is between sitting around at home or sitting in a hall. And I'd really like to know when taking things easy turned into not leaving the house?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Was Anyone Missing The Family Drama's?

So the assembly I was meant to be going to............ mum rang me only 1/2 an hour beforehand to tell me she couldn't take me as she was too sick. If she's sick she's sick but I wish she'd give me more notice when she does this. She knew she was sick in the morning. Even an hours notice is better than half an hour.

Ended up getting there in the end, in the middle of a torrential downpour that left me dripping wet from head to toe, despite my umbrella, by the time I got to the hall door lol I will admit that I'm not quite ready to be driving myself around. Driving itself was fine, parking was a bitch.

Then when I get home some strange chick is ringing me on behalf of the skank whore ex sis in law, who is looking for mum to mind her kids while she goes down to the police station, yet again, over the scummy druggo b/f. As if I give a shit what "she really needs". I told the chick that mum was sick in bed and not to ring me on the skank's behalf again and that if the skank hadn't screwed my brother over and pissed everyone off then maybe she'd have some support when she "needs it".

Then I ring mum & dad to see if she's feeling any better and poor dad can't find mum let alone figure out whats going on, so when we compare notes we realise that my sister has dragged mum out of bed to go pick up her partner from XYZ (about an hours drive away on country roads) cos he's missed his lift. Meantime they may not get through cos of flooding from the rainfall in our area today. Dad is PISSED OFF that she would do this to mum when she's sick and he's sick of the skank ringing up wanting mum's help every time something goes wrong with her scummy b/f . He's going to do his nut when mum gets home........................

And it had been such a quiet peaceful couple of weeks............ lmao

At least the assembly was nice. CJ was beaming when she received her award. Each teacher gives 4 special end of year merit awards to students from their class. CJ's was for "being a friendly, well mannered member of the class. Applying herself to her work, producing excellent results" and for having an "outstanding approach to school this year."

TJ's class gave a presentation on the meaning of Christmas. It was lovely.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't have much today

Didn't do much today.

But tomorrow........... my darling CJ is getting a special merit award at the K - 10 assembly.

TJ got one of these awards last year.

They are pretty special.

She's very excited.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TJ The Reconcilliation Sheep Terrorist

TJ is involved in the sacramental programme at our church this year. He is doing his First Reconciliation.

Every week he is given a home sheet with activities on it for him to work through and a sheep for him to colour in and bring back the next week to be placed on a large poster in the church.

The first week's sheep was rainbow coloured.

The second week's sheep was black.

The third week's sheep was covered in cotton wool.

Then we get to the fourth week. By this time TJ is starting to look for new idea's for decorating his sheep............ so he shot it! I'm betting it was the first ever reconciliation sheep with a bullet hole in its side and blood everywhere.

God help the fifth and sixth sheep!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I had my stitches out today. Stung a bit. I was wondering what was going on "down there". It felt (and hubby reckoned it looked) like I just had a loop of fishing line hanging out my belly. The nurse who took the stitches out explained that a loop of fishing line hanging out was pretty much what I had. They had stitched on the inside and left a loop hanging out to enable the stitches to be removed. Interesting. Everything is healing nicely. But my guts feel like they want to fall through my pelvis tonight.

Speaking of stitching, that's what I've been doing today.

I'll be making cushions with the stitchery. I'm doing four small panels for each cushion. TJ decided that he wanted to help me "knit" (time to do some more vocab expansion) and is helping do the Rudolph panel. CJ wants to do the bell panel........ but also wants to make her own cushion to give to Granma so we'll see how far she gets.

Will post more pics as the project continues.

Monday, December 3, 2007

More Earrings

OK so here are the rest of the earrings I made yesterday.

I also discovered on the camera a pic of the toys the kids bought on Saturday.

The bear belongs to CJ - his name is apparently Christmas boy. The reindeer belongs to TJ - I've already had to sew his nose back on and he is currently awaiting washing as he is covered in soot. Must have been checking out some chimneys.

Someone Stole My Freakin ToDo List!!

Now how am I meant to remember what I was planning to nag everyone into doing for me??



I can see a much bigger notepad..............

Oh and look! I have the rest of the day to fill it up while they are all at school and work and shit.


But first................... what did I have on the list for me................ is it time for a nap yet?